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Posthhuman b2b Johnny Aux live at I Love Acid

This week, we have a special guest mix on the show from two stalwarts of the modern Acid scene. Posthhuman is resident and promoter of the I Love Acid parties as well as running the label of the same name and Balkan Vinyl. Johnny Aux is a veteran of the scene best known for being part of Paranoid London. This set was recorded live at I Love Acid on 14th August 2021 and appears in it's entirety exclusively on the CTRL Z podcast. I caught up with Posthuman ahead of the broadcast to find out more about his approach to I Love Acid: 1. After 14 years, the I Love Acid parties seem more popular than ever. What do you think is the secret of your success? Simple really - I've not changed my approach. It is, and has always been, about good music and good people. It's about acid house, but it's not a retrospective night. It's new music, classic music, up & coming DJs and legends, all together. You have also got to listen to people smarter than you, and take their advice. I've been lucky to work with some very wise & experienced heads over the years. My resident DJ and good friend Placid has been a huge influence musically, not just for the party but also for me. Jon Dasilva brings knowledge reaching all the way back to his days as resident at The Hacienda back at the birth of the UK acid house scene. Luke Vibert has remained a driving force behind it all. For a little while I tried to do bigger parties and book bigger "headliner" names but realised quickly that way leads to watering down and compromising the core ethos of the party, involving agencies and corporate influences. So I rolled it back and kept it as a more intimate clubnight. We've always had an inclusive, welcoming door policy - we get youngsters turning up with ID to prove they are over 18, and find them dancing alongside older heads who remember acid house first time round. The crowd is queer, and straight, hardcore fans and total newbies. There's no snobbery. Alongside the records, I've tried to build a family around it all of artists, DJs, and venues and ravers. I try to be there for when they need me, outside of the clubnight. With some DJs the gig is just transactional - they play the show and that's it. But others understand what it's about, that it's more than just another show, with them the relationship carries on. Or at least I'd like to think that's the case - you probably have to ask them! 2. What advice would you give up and coming DJs in the scene? Go to events. Go early, introduce yourself to the people working the door and the promoters. Dance. You never know when your break might come, but if you're not out there getting involved and supporting the scene on the ground it DEFINITELY won't come. You have to make your own luck. And it starts by being there. 3. What is the one tune that never gets old, no matter how many times you play it? Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier.