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Music from Jerome Hill 🩺, Josh Wink 😉 & Lindstrøm 👀


April 02, 2023

Welcome to this week’s CTRL Z Newsletter, companion to the radio show and event series of the same name which proves that even with two left feet, you can still appreciate a good beat.

In the newsletter this week:

  • Record of the Week from Jerome Hill 🩺

  • Classic of the Week from Josh Wink 😉

  • One More from Chris Massey 👀

Record of the Week

Jerome Hill - The Doctor Will See You Now

Great tune from Jerome Hill’s new album, Flow Mechanics, which is out now on Hypercolour.

Classic of the Week

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness

The tune that got me in to underground dance music in the first place. An absolute classic and still sounds great on the dancefloor. 🕺

One More

Lindstrøm - Blinded By The LEDs (Massey's Club Mix)

This one has got a lot of play on the radio show, a fantastic remix from Chris Massey which I keep coming back to.

Radio Show


As always, you can hear the radio show on Wednesdays at 5pm GMT/BST on Underground Kollektiv, Thursdays 5pm GMT/BST on Data Transmission, Saturdays at 11pm GMT/BST on Radio Roadhouse and new episodes hit the podcast every Friday morning.

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