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Music from Decius 🥗, LFO 🎛️ & Steve Mac 💬


June 09, 2023

Welcome to the CTRL Z Newsletter, companion to the radio show and events series of the same name.

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  • Record of the Week from Decius 🥗

  • Classic of the Week from LFO 🎛️

  • One More from Steve Mac 💬

Record of the Week

Decius - Russian Salad

Decius releases are always a must buy and this one is no exception. Russian Salad leads their new release, also launching a new label “Decius Trax“ for EPs and singles outside of their main album projects, which will be exclusive to Bandcamp - “Too much HEAT for Spotify“. 🔥

Classic of the Week

LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)

The tune that put Warp Records on the map, charting at number 12 in the UK Top 40 back in 1991. An absolute classic that still sounds fresh three decades later and certainly gives the bass bins a workout.

One More

Steve Mac - Jack Said What

Another tune that launched a label, Jack Said What was the not the first release, but did give the label its name. This was originally released last year and features on Steve Mac’s recent album “Bless This Acid House“, where he teams up with many of the scene’s legends and is an must listen.

Radio Show


As always, you can hear the radio show on Wednesdays at 5pm GMT/BST on Underground Kollektiv, Thursdays 5pm GMT/BST on Data Transmission, Saturdays at 11pm GMT/BST on Radio Roadhouse and new episodes hit the podcast every Friday morning.

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