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Music from Alinka 💯, Jean Jacques Smoothie 👯‍♀️ & Serge Santiago 👂


December 02, 2022

Welcome to the CTRL Z Newsletter, the companion to the radio show and event series which some industry insiders are describing as “Three decades too late”.

In the newsletter this week:

  • Record of the week from Alinka 🏆

  • Classic of the week from Jean Jacques Smoothie 💾

  • One more from Serge Santiago 🙌

  • Gig of the week from Acid Boner 🕺

Record of the Week

Alinka - Numbers [Rekids]

Alinka returns to Radio Slave's Rekids for a new three track EP. Numbers brings robotic vocals, bright leads, and bouncing basslines together for a sharp and energetic tune.

Classic of the Week

Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 People (Mirwais Extended Mix) [Echo]

Classic from Jean Jacques Smoothie, with Mirwais upping the acid during the breakdown on the remix. Definitely one on the funkier, more soulful end of the Acid spectrum.

One More

Serge Santiago - Ear Racer [Jack Said What]

Propelled by a burbling topline that bounces around like a ball on a bagatelle board, ‘Ear Racer’ contains some peeps for the whistle posse, piano house chords to ignite a dancefloor, and a couple of dreamy, swirly breakdowns. The track is well named — it’s not so much an ‘earworm’ as an ‘ear racer’, providing electric impetus to transport you elsewhere.

Gig of the Week

Acid Boner at King's Dundee - Saturday 3rd December

Dundee's bad-boy of bass is back behind the decks in The Small Town Club for another all-night Acid face-melter!

Spinning a strictly all-vinyl selection of Disco Italo, Chicago House, Electro, Hi-NRG, Techno, IDM, Old-School Jungle & everything Acid, together with his hardware set-up for some Live Acid, to work you into that sweaty "taps aff" ecstasy-fuelled rave frenzy that is now synonymous with the name Acid Boner.

Radio Show


This week's show is now available on the podcast and includes tracks from the likes of Daft Punk, Zsa Zsa La Boum, Big Miz, Ghost Culture & more.

As always, you can hear the radio show on Wednesdays at 5pm GMT/BST on Underground Kollektiv, Thursdays 5pm GMT/BST on Data Transmission, Saturdays at 11pm GMT/BST on Radio Roadhouse, monthly Fridays on Ibiza Club Radio and new episodes hit the podcast every Friday morning.

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Renyard✉️ [email protected]

Got a tip for an event, news or tune you think other Acid fans should know about? Any DJs you’d like to hear a guest mix form on the radio show? Maybe your own projects cover any of the above?Drop me an email at [email protected]

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