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GAMADON (aka GAvin MAc DONagh) started buying records and DJing in Dublin in 1996. He is a vinyl only DJ and record collector - Irish, currently based in London.

He runs the Warehouse Manifesto record label with the first vinyl release out in January 2022.

He curates the Warehouse Manifesto mix series which he started in 2021. Some of his guests to date include Umwelt, Ben Sims, Claude Young, Joey Beltram, Jensen Interceptor, Sync 24 and Alienata.

Most notably, he supported The Prodigy, on their European tour in cities such as Berlin, Hanover, Prague and Luxembourg in 2015-2016.

Gamadon has previously had his mixes published by labels such as Bass Agenda, Dark Science Electro, Gated, Gladio Operations, Nocta Numerica, Vortex Tracks, Distrito 91, Masa Series, Lepton, Hilltown Disco, Digital Distortions, Glory Berlin, Noise To Meet You and Elektrodos.